Twitter me this

Twitter is my favorite social media platform, and it also happens to be my favorite iOS app. I have met many longterm friends through this medium, and I happen to think that it’s the best at what it does.

The iOS app has been adding many new features this year and it seems like the developers are really starting to grasp what the user wants and needs out of the service.

They brought focus to a underused portion of the app which was lists, a great way to group a bunch of similar accounts and browse only those accounts in their own timeline.

They also allowed users to start following topics, instead of just accounts. The topics are limited at the moment but they are growing each week.

The Twitter app is definitely the most used app on my phone by far, I get my news here, find out about current events, see what’s trending in the world, and interact with a lot of the great friends I have met.

I love to follow new and unique accounts, feel free if you have any to recommend them in the comments.

My username is @jasonmendeloff

Download Twitter from the AppStore here

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