It Always Feels Better When We Meal Prep

We meal prep virtually every week, I can’t remember a time in the last year when we didn’t, except for last week, it totally threw me off, we had a hectic Sunday and just couldn’t get time, and with 2 small kids, activities for them and work for us, Sunday’s is the only time we have to meal prep.

Last week my week was totally thrown off, I had to adjust my daily routine to try and scramble to make something before work, or stress about what I was going to get at lunchtime, and for two of us eating out for lunch 5 days a week can be quite expensive, there are healthy options, my work is right by a subway so that’s what I chose, but doing that three times last week was a little much.

So this week we got right back at it, meal prepped and ready to go, it just puts my mind at ease that I know we’re spending no extra cash, and that I know exactly what I’m putting in my body, as I am very much in the middle of a body recomposition and my focus has become very much into working out, being active and eating healthy.

This is what our lunches look like for the week

Mixed brown rice and ground turkey, steamed broccoli, almonds, yogurt, and pinapple

So now I will relax Sunday night knowing our meal prep is done and that we are back in our weekly routine

Here’s the link for the meal prep containers, They are glass and 3 compartment and very reasonable on Amazon

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