Switchin It Up

So this week I made a switch, I went from my iPhone 11 Pro Max to an iPhone 11 Pro. I am absolutely in love!

I had forgotten how much I love the smaller form factor, I hated how the the max was to deal with, mind you I’m 6’5 with very large hands, so that wasn’t really an issue, for me the issues were how big, bulky and heavy it was, putting it my pocket, I don’t wear really baggy pants so that was a pain, having it with me when I run, it was too heavy and bulky, plus reaching all the way up to the top row of the phone was tough one handed.

With the 11 pro I get all the same benefits, just a smaller screen, the battery life is amazing, not as good as the max, but close, the weight of the phone is awesome, very light, I have brought it with me on runs, and it’s great, and I can reach everything easily. Easily use it one hand or two. I also got the green one, which I had wanted when I preordered the max, but I was too chicken to get.

Normally I upgrade every year in sept when the new phone is offered, but I hated the form factor of the max so much that I payed it off and then upgraded, I sold it quickly on swappa, which was a seamless and easy process and it sold in a day, I highly recommend it.

These are the reasons besides the form factor that I upgraded this early, and just some of my thoughts on what might happen later this year, so for me I’m going to try and skip and upgrade cycle this year, with a year of financial uncertainty in front of us I thought it might be a good idea, and I can’t imagine a better phone to stick with for that time than the 11 pro, also if I don’t decide to just stick with this phone, everything I’m hearing points to a November launch for the new phone, and I wonder how many they will have available at launch time, and then if you don’t get one, maybe Jan? And then if people can’t get one are they going to buy the pros?

Here are just some thoughts I have been pondering, also part of me wonders if with factories being shut for months, how much did that put Apple behind? Will they focus less on quality to get product out the door? Will there be a hardware issue? With this 11 Pro I know I’m getting the best of Apple, and if I don’t decide to upgrade this will be a solid, great phone for the next two years

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