iPhone Only

I wanted to share my unique point of view when talking about tech and apps. I manage my life on my iPhone only, no iPad or no computer.

We are on the upgrade program so every year I get a new iPhone, it’s like leasing a phone, which is great because I can always have the latest tech, I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

This blog is written via iA writer or the official WordPress app on my iPhone. My task management is all handled through todoist on my phone, the games I play are all on my phone, video editors, anything I blog about is done on my phone.

Here is a blog post I wrote about my Todoist cleanup

So for me when an app updates, it never matters what they have done to the iPad version of an app. Or if their even is an iPad app. I only care what new features have been added to the iPhone version.

So when I write about apps, app updates, iOS, how I manage my life, it is written from the viewpoint of that I am iOS only, maybe someday that will change but for now I have been very happy managing everything on my phone.

One Page Or Two

I have always had this problem with my Homescreen, I can never decide between one page or two.

I try setting my screen up using one page with all apps and leaving a blank row at the bottom, and then all folders on the second page, but it just never seems to stick.

I usually have a one page setup with a row of folders on the top, idk what about one screen I like so much, but it works for me most of the time.

I do want to goto two pages because I hate the look of folders in iOS so I might reorganize it and give it a shot again, and see if it will stick finally.

Todoist Cleanup

I realized my Todoist setup was disorganized and quite a mess so I set out to clean it up, and streamline it.

I had many projects that I didn’t need, I realized I was just dumping items in there that could easily be placed elsewhere. I chose Apple Notes for a destination for a lot of the items.

The first thing I did was evaluate what I had in Todoist already. Then I decided how I wanted to use the app.

I decided that I wanted to use the app to only keep items that were actionable in the next 30 days, Only small exceptions like calling to schedule doctors appts and oil changes etc.

I had a project that I kept for items I wanted to buy for my wife, kids, our house etc, I moved those over to folders in Apple Notes, I also had a project named Media that I kept apps to download, books to read, movies to watch etc, again I moved those over to folders in Apple Notes. Finally I had some home projects and a bathroom remodel that we have been planning on doing for over 3 years. I deleted the home projects because my wife and I have a running shared note with those items in there, and having a project in Todoist also was just redundant, and I created a note with checkmarks and links for the bathroom remodel, and when the time comes to actually do it, I will move the project back to Todoist.

I also had a project where I kept workouts I wanted to do and workout related stuff, again I made a folder in Apple notes for those items and now write down my workouts in drafts and then send them to a separate workout records folder I created in Apple notes.

I made another major change and removed all my bills from Todoist and added them to a bill tracking app, that makes looking at the app so much less stressful and I love the bill reminders app I chose, It’s called BillMinder and it’s a one time app purchase which I love as well, the less subscriptions the better.

Download BillMinder Here

Next I changed the items I have pinned to the top of Todoist to just 4 filters

The first one is priority one, which is a filter that just shows me priority 1 tasks

The next item is Routines, which is a filter that basically has all my recurring routine tasks, which are items like my weekly task review, charging my wife and I’s headphones on Sunday so they will be ready for that weeks gym workouts, checking my calendar items for the week, etc

After that is this month, that’s a filter that shows everything due this month

Last is no due date, that’s a filter that shows me tasks that have no set due date

With those four filters it basically covers all of my tasks, and I can view and adjust anything right from the top of the app, which is very important to me, seeing as I’m iOS only, I manage my whole life through just my iPhone.

I am extremely happy with this setup and I feel it will serve me well to start of 2020, I’m sure their will be adjustments, but for me this seems like a great jumping off point to start the new year.

My Setup

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My Digital Changes

Over the last few days I have made some digital changes, meaning changes to my social media accounts, changes to the apps I use, and changes to my Homescreen layout.

For my social media accounts, on Facebook and Instagram I went through and deleted a lot of old groups, people I no longer talk to, and items I am no longer interested in, I don’t use other social media much so I hadn’t ever gotten around to that. I am a very heavy Twitter user, there I created some new lists, unfollowed quite a few tech accounts, and just streamlined my timeline.

My latest homescreen

Then I started reorganizing my apps and my Homescreen, I have always tried to organize by color and I could never get it to work with our compromising usefulness, so it took me a while to get everything right, the two apps in my dock are my most used apps and they happen to all match color wise, drafts and messages round off my dock. The other icons are what I would call 2nd tier apps, where I use them often but not as much as my daily apps, the apps in the top two folders are apps I rarely use like food ordering apps, and shopping apps, my credit card apps, etc, This layout has really clicked for me and I can see myself continuing with this setup.

I moved my task manager back to Todoist, I tried using reminders, it just took me too many taps to do what I could do in todoist in just a few, Todoist has a great calendar integration, also it has rich link previews in the comments section, and the share sheet is top notch, for my workout planning its so easy to share items I find and organize them into a project. for my needs it fits the bill the best.

I also went through and researched new workouts and established new workout routines that I have stored in my Todoist project, It makes it so much easier that everything is in one app that can handle it.

Get Todoist Here

These are all the changes I have implemented over the last few days to start 2020, Everything feels clean, fresh and organized. I think it’s going to be a great year!