I have been super busy trying to prepare for quarantine the last couple of weeks. I haven’t been writing much, I haven’t been on my social media, or engaging in my chatgroups as much as normal. I will be trying to change this behavior ASAP. I still have a lot of topics I would like to write about, and I’m working on those now, and I’m starting to interact more in other places. I hope you all stay safe in this challenging time.

On Being A Sneakerhead

Being a Sneakerhead is fun and unfortunately expensive hobby or a style choice. I am a Sneakerhead.

I have been one for many years, I can’t even count the pairs of shoes that I have. I have always used it as a style choice, I normally wear plain fitted shirts and jeans or joggers but then a wild pair of shoes. Of course the colors have to match as well, my slight OCD.

Being a Sneakerhead is a lifestyle, it means if you can’t buy them for retail price or the day that they drop, then you save and pay a premium at a site like GOAT or StockX or buying them off eBay. I have bought used pairs because it was an older pair or one that they don’t make anymore.

Just pulled out a few pairs
And a few more

I am really into Chuck Taylors, I have quite a few pairs of those. Then I got heavy into Nike’s so I have quite a few of those. Recently I have gotten into Jordan’s and that has been a whole other animal.

It’s just another hobby to go along with my tech obsession. One that I don’t see myself giving up anytime soon.