Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

Good morning

It’s been quite a while, my life has gotten pretty busy, and I love it, I haven’t had time to write much, but I really like when I do.

My domain renewal is coming up within a month and I’m just not sure if I should renew it, or just let it go and stop blogging.

I’m just looking to see I guess if there is any interest in my blog posts at all, or should I just fold up shop.

Let me know in the comments or in a replay on Twitter or anywhere you know how to get a hold of me.


It All Begins With Scrambled Eggs

As I wrote previously I’m in the midst of a transformation, changing many different things about myself.

One of those things is saying “I Can’t” before even investigating a problem or a situation or just assuming that the solution is too hard for me to figure out.

I have to remember I’m a very intelligent and resourceful person, and that saying “I Can’t” right away also will affect my kids and they will start saying it. And I don’t want that at all.

So today I started this process by making scrambled eggs, a simple things to most people but to me I always thought was difficult. I pulled up a recipe online, followed it and made them.

It’s a small victory but it felt great accomplishing something that I previously assumed I couldn’t, so now I can make the kids eggs on the weekends.

I am going to start incorporating this process into all parts of my life in every day. I can’t wait to see what the change will be on my self confidence. And my well being.

Step One
And Done